Steps for Android App Testing

Mobile application testing is little complicated because of frequent updates. Adopt strategy that we have mentioned over here and enjoy the best result.

Device Selection:

  1. This is considered as one of the most important step.
  2. Selection of devices should be done after discussion with client, developer and tester.
  3. While selecting device, this thing should be considered that maximum audience is likely to be reached.
  4. Be careful for operating system’s version, screen resolution and form of device.
  5. Emulators are often used to replace real device in software testing.

Beta testing of application:

  1. Beta testing is done by the real world users with various types of devices and connections.
  2. After beta testing, we come to know about network density, network variations and various types of impact on application.
  3. Beta testing is real world testing and it is not controlled testing like emulator.

Manual or Automation Testing:

  1. It has been seen that mix of manual and automation testing need to be tried for successful completion of testing.
  2. Stress testing and regression testing to be done very carefully.

We have elaborated some common types of mobile application testing. For more information, you can contact us or read our blogs about software quality analysis.   

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