How many projects, Testers HUB has completed till date and what is success rate?

We have completed hundreds of projects in the last few years and still growing rapidly. Success rate is 100 percent, which makes us different from other companies.

Where is Testers HUB based?

We are based in India but we have some agents in USA. We are primarily looking for the offshore software testing.

What is company’s main specialty?

 When we had started then primary focus was on the functional and performance testing. Later we went forward for various other types of services.

Does company work on testing package based?

We have numerous packages from where clients can select one. One can select package as per budget and requirement. In case of complex projects, it would be not possible to offer any type of package because requirement varies from regular ones.

What about infrastructure in the company for services?

We have good workforce available along with latest tools for testing. We organize regular workshops in the company to update professionals for the latest tools.

How does we carry entire process of software testing?

Whenever we get any request for service then we first look for all the requirements of project. After getting requirements scanned, we make proper sheet with all details, which includes time required and cost also.

What about maintenance phase of the project?

We do free maintenance for selective projects. For complex and large projects, free maintenance is not available.