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At affordable cost, we assure reliable and seamless services. Our potential is combination of experts and latest tools. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects with high client satisfaction. Testing is not coding where everything is pre-designed, in this niche, one needs to be extremely analytic. From development of test cases to the final deployment, we know, which are fine pores to address properly?

We are renowned name in the offshore software testing services. Numerous clients from USA, Canada are in the list of testimonials. Our work flow is perfect, first we analyze things which are concerned with the project and then we propose client, what can be done and what will be possible outcomes? We are not amongst those companies who take some steps of testing and run away, if client continued then we will be also available for the maintenance phase of the product. High quality tools will be used both for testing as well as reporting. Eventually client satisfaction is important so we will allow you to monitor proceedings with help of tool.

We have stated above that our potential is combination of trained work force along with latest tools. Here is list of some of the tools which we use for services: Load Runner, QTP, OpenSTA, Bugzilla, Nunit, HP Inspect, VSS, QTP, Test Director, Spiratest Management Tool, Win Runner, CVS, Jammer, IBM Appscan, Mantis, AutoIT and many more..

Why you should outsource project to Testers HUB

• We are reliable company not amongst those filthy names who promise elephant and produce a rat.

• Testing teams are experienced so they know what exactly to be done for project. Neither we work blindly nor we apply same methodology reputedly. Every project is different from previous one so requirement and required work flow will be also different.

• We work on both functional and non-functional parameters to ensure everything should be right with the project.

• We have special section within company that works on the performance testing for different conditions.

Independent Software Testing Company

Software testing projects often gets in trouble because of improper quality assurance team. It has been seen that because of error discovery at later stage, things often slip in terms of budget and deadline for project. Businesses expect high end development and testing in limited time and resources that is actually never possible.

Testers HUB provides software quality assurance services to maximize quality, performance and productivity. Being an independent software testing company, we wouldn’t hide mistakes of developer. This is a common gimmick that testing team ignores mistakes of development team when they both belong to same organization. Our QA team ensures that software product should be 100 percent complete in all respects while delivery.

As an independent testing company, we have our own tools of testing and reporting. Our systematically developed steps for software quality assurance make things quite smooth in the process. Process includes making of test plan, development of test cases, execution of test cases, proper reporting of defects found, analysis of defects in software program, analysis of risk from errors found and many more.

Why Testers HUB: Independent Software Testing Company?

  • We have 30+ full time testers who have specialization in numerous domains
  • Our team has vision to understand possible risk from any reported error. It is all about writing test cases as per functionality of application. Ability of write scripts for automation testing and execution of test cases. Our team of testers are experienced enough to complete all associated tasks properly.
  • Delivery of project within given timeline is quite important and we take care of this aspect.
  • We have maintained 100 percent client satisfaction rate since our inception in the field of software testing.

What are advantages of independent software testing?

  • Reliability of independent company is always high
  • Software quality assurance is not done by free and open source tools.
  • Automation is carried out by experienced team so that all steps can be monitored.

Testers HUB understands fine pores of software quality assurance and this is the reason behind our dominance in this sector. Ask our team for free project consultation.

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