Usability Software Testing

How Usability Testing is Important for Successful Mobile Apps and Websites?


Though it is part of black box testing but extremely important. In this type of testing, it is examined that whether or not application is easy to use or user friendly. Suppose anyone is using mobile app and not able to track how to use any particular functionality then that app becomes almost of no use. Proper navigation and sooth access of all functionalities is must for successful application. Few important aspects while going for the usability testing are as below:

  • Speed of understanding app: this is extremely important because users should not struggle to use applications.
  • Identification of Hurdles: it is quite obvious that there would be some obstacles while using application so their identification is also important.
  • Look and feel factor: when anyone uses app then it should not distract with filthy looking designs and colors.

Usability testing is little complex as it may not be performed all of a sudden. There are two possible phases in which things can be carried. First testing engineer carries entire process and notes down all possible bugs and second is error tracking with help of users’ behavior. Testing engineer scans behavior of the users and report is prepared, where users mostly stuck, which points are working smooth and overall working system. Users are also asked to leave their comment after using app. This is also called Beta testing in the world quality assurance.


Once you get your mobile apps/website tested for usability testing. We assure you for following things:


  • Mobile app will perform perfect in terms users’ experience.
  • Elimination of all hurdles, which may come in the process of performing required functionalities.
  • Making app and website perfect for the new users.
  • You don’t need to put plenty of money for customer support team.
  • You get genuine reviews from end users.

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