Browser Compatibility Testing

Why Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Must be Done?


This type of testing is done for the web based applications. You would be aware that nowadays there are numerous browsers available for surfing, which are slightly different in terms of their working and dealing with HTML, CSS and Java Script. Whoever surf web regularly knows that sometimes we see web page elements organized differently on different browsers.


It has been seen that browser, which is popular on Android is not Popular on iOS. Similar trend is available for Windows and other platforms. We have seen that for Android popular browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Dolphin. For iOS popular platforms are Safari, Chrome, Opera, Mercury, Puffin etc. Windows has slightly different type of list because it begins with old fashion internet explorer, Maxthon, UC Browser, Nokia Express etc.


What we check in the cross platform compatibility testing?

  • Response of Cascading Style Sheet with browsers.
  • Hyper text mark up language compatibility.
  • How AJAX works with browser?
  • Check for resolution and behavior of web page elements
  • Image allocation system on the browser

It is also important that application must be tested for the client side as well as server side compatibility. Furthermore we would like to add that this is small but important part of software testing. We test application on more than 50 browsers on different platforms. It can be a tedious and time raking process but eventual result ensures that things are proceeding in the right direction.