Know Fine Aspects of Android App Testing

Nowadays there are hundreds of mobile applications globally and numerous operating systems too. When we consider mobile app testing then it can be of two forms operating system versus mobile application or device model versus mobile application. Owner is informed about all operating systems that support any particular mobile application. It has been seen that some applications do not work for some operating system and this is the case where failure occurs.

In compare to web, mobile has far more variants and this is the prime reason why compatibility testing is done carefully for the mobile devices. Requirement for this type of testing is as below:

  • When we consider any version of Android operating system, 7 base versions are found neglecting number of patches.
  • If we check through variation among Android device then its number is very high. There are more than 24,000 variations of unique Android devices all across the globe.
  • If such a huge variation can be seen then one needs to be careful while doing compatibility testing.
  • There are some other associated aspects that need to be verified along with compatibility namely screen size, screen resolution, network connectivity etc.

Testers need to be very careful about versions of operating systems as well as mobile applications.

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