Why Functional Testing is an Integral Part of the mobile application Testing?

This is actually the most important part of mobile application testing. Can anybody imagine software with improper functionality? Software with problem from a usability point of view or compatibility factor can still run and perform expected task but software with a fault in the functionality will end up as it starts. There are various scopes for which functionality testing should be performed by Testers HUB.

  • Integration testing: Here testing is performed when we integrate various small modules into one. Individual modules can work fine but they should remain intact in terms of functionality after amalgamation.
  • Module testing:  Here the module’s individual performance is checked and monitored. It is considered as the basic step because finally, this one propagates to the combined amalgamation and final software.
  • System testing: Software’s compatibility with the system is also important.

Why Testers HUB for Functional Testing?

Working and reporting are two important parts of the services. We prepare a report that will include everything whatever you will be looking for. Detailed error report along with the status of errors will be provided by our experts.

Frequent services: This is also one of the reasons why we have been a pioneer name in this sector. Once we get a requirement from a client, instantly we prepare a team of executives and manager, which starts work.

Regression testing: Is considered as an integral part of the functional testing. With bug fixes, there is always a possibility that new bugs can come in the picture.

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