Understand Security Testing, Field Testing and Interrupt Testing

From mobile applications to widespread web based applications, there are numerous types of software testing and three of them, we are going to discuss over here:

Security Testing: without proper security testing, no application can be successful. Privacy of user should be considered on high priority. In some sectors like Banking, security is considered as the most prior option. In security, encryption and decryption of date send through server is the most important aspect. Database security should be also done carefully.

Field testing: this is especially done for mobile data network. Here tester users application as a normal user and check how app behaves. App is run under various conditions namely 2G, 3G or 4G. It has been seen that app behaves different in different conditions. Check if app crashes in slow or fast connection.

Interrupt testing: this is considered as scenario where function interrupts in between. Some common test cases where things are to be tested are as below:

  • Data cable removed during data transfer
  • Network issue during transaction
  • Check how system behaves when battery is removed while transaction is ON.

We have explained some common types of software testing that are commonly used for the mobile applications. For more information, you can check with other blogs of software testing.

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