Make Sure Mobile App Testing Done Properly

When we consider these two types of software testing then a lot is clear from name only. Performance will be okay when conditions are in favor while things change when extra traffic comes or any other hurdle on the way. How application responds under different conditions? Test cases can be made considering:

  1. How device performs when there is low memory?
  2. Performance when battery will be low.
  3. How app performs when network is not up to mark?

There can be numerous test cases where mobile application can be tested. It all depends on thought process and creativity of the software testing professional who is going to work.

Now let us discuss about installation testing. There are two categories of applications of mobile, one is that comes with pre installed operating system while second one is little different and it is installed later on. Installation testing is carried out by both of them separately. Eventually, process is to ensure application works smooth without any error. You would be also aware that application upgrade is also done time to time so this thing should be also considered carefully.

Overall software testing is a complicated process and even after careful consideration of various aspects, it can’t be assured that things are on the right track. Mobile application testing goes further complicated because of various upgrades and versions.

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