Installation testing service is intended to make sure all features of the program have been successfully installed and operating perfectly. It has been seen that there are various software programs that don’t operate properly even though successfully installed. With improper functionality, the mobile app can never be function-able properly.  But Testers Hub provides all types of mobile installation testing services which determines its functions and proper working flawlessly. Since we all believe in the saying that “The first impression is the last impression”. So, for the assurance, you need app installation testing. Hence, it gets must to keep our customers happy and leave a good impression on them.  It becomes very important to test your mobile application for proper implementation to seek good results after usage.


Application Installation Testing is generally carried out before your application first interacts with users and gets launched into the market. With the help of this application, we can test the successful installation of your mobile application across various mobile gadgets, and laptops. There are some common types of software installations are as listed below:

Authorized installation is the type of installation where the user needs to put license information or some password to get the program installed with the operating system. Next is unauthorized installation. This is a direct mode of installation where the user does not react directly. It is very hard to control the failure of such a program in your gadgets. Maximum game applications fall under this category where their functionality gets down after usage. The third type of installation is Headless installation. In this installation, the user does not react directly through the screen. Another kind of installation is automated software installation, in which condition-based software is installed where the program automatically goes for installation if a prefixed condition is met.

Apart from Application Installation Testing, one cannot take application uninstallation testing lightly. After you uninstall the application from your hand-held device, it is important that all the related files are also deleted.  When you get to know what type of installation does your application supports, now it’s time to move on further. Do some things to keep in mind before performing Application Installation Testing. Such as,

How Operating systems of your application do support?

What kind of installation your application performs?

What is the type of operating system on which you have to test your application?

How to perform Application Installation Testing for better performance?

There are some important aspects, which we monitor while doing installation testing.  There are mentioned as following.

Very first to keep in mind is Space requirement for installation. Then memory required a running program, how the program is behaving under different conditions?

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