What is Android User Interface Testing?

This is also quite clear from the name, what it is and how it is going to be? This is user centric test procedure so this thing needs to be understood quite clearly. Text, image and video appearances in different screen need to be understood clearly. Different aspects that are related with user interface should be examined as per requirements. Again we will consider the same example of Zomato application. Here is the checklist for Android UI testing:

  • You have to check if card is shown properly with the mobile screen size.
  • Image of restaurant should not be distorted at all.
  • There are various components that are to be checked namely details of card, rating of restaurant, types of cuisines, address and location in the Google map and numerous other aspects.
  • There should be proper navigation inside website, if any problem comes in navigation then it will be considered as an user interface problem.

These were some aspects that are concerned with the user interface testing of any mobile application. Over years, we have checked things for Android applications and we assure you that user interface is possibly the most important part of complete Android app testing. For more information about various types of mobile application testing, you can check our website and blogs.

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