Why User Interface Testing is Important

Why User Interface Testing is Important for Mobile and Web Based Apps?


User interface is the most crucial part of any software program as it is used to judge whether or not program is appealing? Any layman can’t look into technical things, mobile app will be judged on the look and feel on the front side. “First Impression is the last impression” this quote is perfect for the value of user interface testing.


Automation testing for the user interface should be done with care else result can be different. Hierarchical organization of scripts is important along with its reusability. With help of latest tools, even fine differences can be checked properly. Some elements which are checked prominently are as below:

  • Menu
  • Toolbar
  • Button
  • Images
  • Dialog Box
  • Edit fields
  • Comment box
  • Header elements
  • Footer elements
  • Control boxes

Some common questions regarding user interface testing services.

  1. How important user interface testing is and how does it work?

User interface testing ensures that software program is easy to use for users. This type of testing is mainly performed manually but nowadays automation has also come in the picture.

  1. On what assumption, this type of testing is based?

This way, software compliance with the requirement is checked. Different ways bare used to interact with the web or app. Eventually app should work perfect on front end because, this is how people are going to measure things.