List of Software Testing Companies by Service Quality

USA is a place where technology has always excelled and this is the main reason this country has dominance over others. We will list out country’s excellence in the field of software development and testing. We will discuss here mainly about software quality assurance companies that operate from USA.

Top 4 Software Development Companies in USA:

  • HubSpire
  • iTechArt Group
  • ArcTouch
  • Dynamo Development

Top 4 software Testing Companies in USA

  • Test Bytes
  • QA mentor
  • Virtusa Corporation
  • Testers HUB

Address of Testers HUB USA is 3616 Kirkwood Highway, Suite A1218, Wilmington, Delaware DE 19808. One can visit company in person to analyze work force and all available tools. Company has worked in numerous domains like health, eCommerce, sports, LMS etc.

One point should be noted that there are companies that do testing along with development while some do only testing. One must check all available tools through which testing to be done. Every project is different and its testing methodology is also different.

Testers HUB has been renowned name where one can find all types of software testing services from mobile application to high end web based applications. One can check website of Testers HUB for more information about services that we offer.

For more information about software testing services, you can contact our expert and they will assist you with more.


How to Become an Independent Software Tester?

You would have heard numerous things about various software testing companies. In this article, we will explore various concerned aspects so please go through once and grab informative content. Being creative is must for people who want to enter in the field of software testing. It is all about thought process, tester needs to think like an end user and create various test cases on which software is supposed to be tested. With out of the box thought process, testers need to find out loopholes in advance.

Some business is very sensitive and slight mistake can make huge loss, this is the main reason why testers always remain active when business operates online. Knowledge of domain is also quite crucial because it helps in making test cases as per functionality of application. Testing should be done to check in which scenario application is not working. Input data set is also very important, when we consider functionality. If you want software testing to be done properly then hire only independent testing company.

Testing is not all about automation rather manual software testing should be also done. At Testers HUB, we have extensive team that takes care of fine aspects of software testing in mobile as well as web based platform. Testers HUB is a renowned company for independent testing in Delaware, USA.


How Testers HUB Upgraded to Independent Software Testing Company?


It has been long and tedious time when a small company has got conversion to Independent software testing company. There are numerous conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to grab reputation like an Independent company for software quality assurance.

Some conditions that need to be fulfilled in order be an independent testing company are listed below:

  • Company should have proficiency in various domains of software testing.
  • There should be tools either developed by company or it should not be freeware tools that are quite easily available online.
  • Company should operate with its own tool and there should be no dependency on third party.
  • There are numerous differences between companies that offer software testing along with development and companies that do only testing. A company that has developed any application will try to work on quality assurance as per its own convenience.

We always recommend that software testing companies should be opted only after careful thought and consideration. One wrong mistake can completely spoil everything for software quality assurance.

Opt for Testers HUB as we are one of the leading companies for various types of software testing be it mobile or web based application. Speak with our software testing consultants and know more about services that we offer.  


Testing of Banking Application by Independent Software Testing Company

Nowadays technology has impact in all space of our daily life. From morning alarm to the GPS system that works in car, technology’s impact can be seen everywhere. In this competitive world, banks have also updated their system with latest technologies as they need to handle huge data of customers. Some common technologies that are used in the banking industry are cloud storage, blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Importance of Software Testing in Banking Industry

Digitalization of various banking services has completely revolutionized various aspects of banking industry such as peer to peer lending, payment through fingerprint, mobile wallet, UPI and more. Software testing has been extremely crucial because banking is a sensitive part, a slight mistake can take everything on the wrong track. Software testing should be properly covered at each stage of software function to ensure perfection in work.

Banking software programs are supposed to work among banks’ employee, customer and third party. A slight mistake at any level can ruin everything and this is the reason software quality assurance services should be hired from any reputed company. Selection of software testing company is extremely important and we recommend that company should have enough tools and work force. Always prefer independent software testing company.    

Comprehension in the Software Testing:

Comprehensive software properties must be included in software application so that various functionalities namely real time fund transfer, card based payment system, saving and deposit system, large scale integration, automatic eligibility checking for loans etc should work properly. Nowadays, banking software programs work on mobile as well as desktop application.

When independent software testing companies go for banking application then there are some particular types of software quality assurance services that are to be implemented:

  • Functional testing: all major and minor functionalities should be covered.
  • Performance testing: stress, load, spike and some other testing to be performed in this section.
  • Security testing: with ease of access, threat has also come for entire system. This is the reason security testing to be done with proper care.

Domain Knowledge is also Important:

Banking application has its own system that is well understood by bank employees, customers and all others who are concerned with whole system. Prior experience in this field will make testers ready to understand even minute things of the process. Software tester is actually intended to improve overall software program in all terms, it is not all about finding defects in software.

An independent software testing company can write better test cases in all scenarios. If tested through right set of test cases then there will be possibility that application will be perfect in all ways. When we go for software quality assurance of banking application then SQL injection should be done properly. Injection method is commonly used by attackers to access database records. There are many other ways that can be used for unauthorized access of bank’s database. Some possible ways are phishing, farming, spyware, keylogger and more.

We have always focused on independent software testing companies because they are better prepared with tools and work force. For more information about software testing in various domains, you can directly contact our team and they will assist you with more.

Testers HUB has worked in banking domains with reputed buyers. Check website for more information.