Cross Platform Testing Services

Why Cross Platform testing is Required?


With advancement of technology, numerous gadgets and new operating systems have come in market. Nowadays challenge is cross platform compatibility and this is the reason why we have come with cross platform testing services. This is actually one of the complex part of software testing, where we need to gather plenty of information to perform required action as listed below:


  • First thing we gather is, who are supposed to use software program?
  • To gather information that which are the most likely platforms that users going to use?
  • Testers gather information that which are the possible areas from where defects can come?
  • Gathering information and preparation of requirement traceability matrix.
  • Test planning is done at this stage.

We have lab that is equipped with all latest devices. All apps are checked on various leading operating systems to ensure:

  • Functionality of the software program
  • GUI check
  • Various issues related with performance.
  • Security testing being done.
  • Check installation and de-installation of software program for all leading OS.

Eventually we make sure that software testes for cross platform testing works properly on all latest operating system and devices. Software programs are not developed for any particular platform, it must covers wide range else it would be tough job to grab success with the mobile apps or website.

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