Software Testing Company New York City.


Testers-HUB has been a renowned name for numerous types of quality assurance services. We have 150+ certified testers along with all latest tools. Our 14 years experience in various domains is a big advantage for us. Grab the best of software testing services with pioneer company. We are experienced in offshore software testing services as we have client base globally. Gone are those days when software programs were limited to development, nowadays testing is equally important as development. Mobile app or website with any error in functionality or performance will never get successful. Contact our testing team now and get your errors resolved by best of industry.


NYC is the most populous city in the USA. This city is considered as capital of financial, cultural, media, art, fashion, science, technology, education, entertainment etc. Some scenic sites in city are Midtown Manhattan, Times square, Uni-sphere, Bridge of Brooklyn, world trade centre, central park, statue of liberty etc. Total area is close to 500 square kilometers. Entire city is divided into five boroughs namely Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Some popular parks here are central park, Washington square park, Flushing meadows, York Botanical garden etc. Christianity is the largest religion followed by Judaism and Islam. Various bridges have been developed across different part of city namely Verrazano narrows bridge, George Washington bridge and many others.