What is Functional Testing for Mobile Application?

When we hear about functional testing then plenty of things get clear only from name. If there is any fault in the functionality of any application then it wouldn’t work properly and this will become total failure. In this blog, we will discuss some of the very fine aspects that are related with functional testing.

Testing of this type is primarily checked through user interface. It is not all about flow of use but functionality associated in each step is also checked. It is all about application meeting set of requirements that are being brought by client. We will consider an application named Zomato to understand the whole process.

Zomato application is used to order food from nearby restaurants. Now your testing is supposed to begin. Some test cases where Zomato apps can be tested:

  1. Check if all restaurants show up in search result.
  2. Whether restaurants list come as per distance from your location.
  3. Review system is very crucial when we consider application functionality.
  4. Check how smooth is addition of new restaurant in the list.
  5. There are numerous filtering rules of zomato so check whether they are followed or not.

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