2 Important Types of Mobile Application Testing

These are again two very crucial types of software testing and we are going to discuss the same over here. Interface testing is also called integration testing sometime. This type of testing is done when developer completes all its part of work. Primary testing is also done before beginning of network interface testing.

Interface testing is considered as end to end for of testing where application interacts with other similar apps like maps, social apps, camera, scanner etc. If again consider Zomato app for integration testing then some test cases would be as below:

  • Verify whether table booking can be done through app or not?
  • Check how app is displaying menu and food items online?
  • Check whether discounts coupons working properly?
  • Correct location of restaurant is displaying or not?
  • Phone dialer system works properly or not?

Now we will come to network testing part. Here you have to be careful about following things:

  • Application should handle all intermediate service properly.
  • Request and response system should work properly.
  • Different types of mobile network are being used to test app’s behavior.
  • This is also considered as an in-house testing.

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