Installation Testing Services

Why Does Installation Testing Services for Software Required?


When it comes to installation of software programs and their proper functioning then there are numerous things which are important. It has been seen that numerous software programs don’t operate properly even though successfully installed. This type of testing is intended to make sure all features of program have been successfully installed and operating perfect.


Actually installation is directly concerned with the success of any software program. With improper functionality, any mobile app or website can never be successful. Some common types of software installations are as listed below:

  • Authorized installation: this is the type of installation where user needs to put license information or some password to get program installed with operating system. This is a paid option.
  • Unauthorized installation: this is direct mode of installation where user does not react directly. It is very hard to control failure of such program. Most of the game applications fall under this category.
  • Headless installation: here user does not react directly through screen.
  • Automated software installation: this is condition based software installation where program automatically goes for installation if pre fixed condition is met.

Some important aspects, which we monitor while doing installation testing are as written below:

  • Space requirement for installation.
  • Memory required to run program
  • How program is behaving under different conditions namely short of memory, conflict with any installed program and many other similar conditions.
  • If installation is important then de-installation is also important. We check that whether de-installation is proper under different conditions or not.

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