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Installation testing service is intended to make sure all features of the program have been successfully installed and operating perfectly. It has been seen that there are various software programs that don’t operate properly even though successfully installed. With improper functionality, the mobile app can never be function-able properly.  But Testers Hub provides all types of mobile installation testing services which determines its functions and proper working flawlessly. Since we all believe in the saying that “The first impression is the last impression”. So, for the assurance, you need app installation testing. Hence, it gets must to keep our customers happy and leave a good impression on them.  It becomes very important to test your mobile application for proper implementation to seek good results after usage.


Application Installation Testing is generally carried out before your application first interacts with users and gets launched into the market. With the help of this application, we can test the successful installation of your mobile application across various mobile gadgets, and laptops. There are some common types of software installations are as listed below:

Authorized installation is the type of installation where the user needs to put license information or some password to get the program installed with the operating system. Next is unauthorized installation. This is a direct mode of installation where the user does not react directly. It is very hard to control the failure of such a program in your gadgets. Maximum game applications fall under this category where their functionality gets down after usage. The third type of installation is Headless installation. In this installation, the user does not react directly through the screen. Another kind of installation is automated software installation, in which condition-based software is installed where the program automatically goes for installation if a prefixed condition is met.

Apart from Application Installation Testing, one cannot take application uninstallation testing lightly. After you uninstall the application from your hand-held device, it is important that all the related files are also deleted.  When you get to know what type of installation does your application supports, now it’s time to move on further. Do some things to keep in mind before performing Application Installation Testing. Such as,

How Operating systems of your application do support?

What kind of installation your application performs?

What is the type of operating system on which you have to test your application?

How to perform Application Installation Testing for better performance?

There are some important aspects, which we monitor while doing installation testing.  There are mentioned as following.

Very first to keep in mind is Space requirement for installation. Then memory required a running program, how the program is behaving under different conditions?

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Why Functional Testing is an Integral Part of the mobile application Testing?

This is actually the most important part of mobile application testing. Can anybody imagine software with improper functionality? Software with problem from a usability point of view or compatibility factor can still run and perform expected task but software with a fault in the functionality will end up as it starts. There are various scopes for which functionality testing should be performed by Testers HUB.

  • Integration testing: Here testing is performed when we integrate various small modules into one. Individual modules can work fine but they should remain intact in terms of functionality after amalgamation.
  • Module testing:  Here the module’s individual performance is checked and monitored. It is considered as the basic step because finally, this one propagates to the combined amalgamation and final software.
  • System testing: Software’s compatibility with the system is also important.

Why Testers HUB for Functional Testing?

Working and reporting are two important parts of the services. We prepare a report that will include everything whatever you will be looking for. Detailed error report along with the status of errors will be provided by our experts.

Frequent services: This is also one of the reasons why we have been a pioneer name in this sector. Once we get a requirement from a client, instantly we prepare a team of executives and manager, which starts work.

Regression testing: Is considered as an integral part of the functional testing. With bug fixes, there is always a possibility that new bugs can come in the picture.

Testers HUB has been a renowned company based in Pune and Bangalore, India. To widen their services for foreign clients, they have come with this new website. Testers HUB had worked with numerous reputed buyers from major destinations like USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Singapore, etc. Now they have taken an extra measure to expand and reach buyers overseas through this website


Blog Testers HUB

When it comes to the service point, mobile application performance check up gets mandatory for the company as well as users too. It should be very well versed and checked by technically advanced tools and equipments. Just to make sure of your mobile app, testing has become a mandatory parameter for its success. So, we can’t rely on any routine testing labs or other sources. Hence, Testers Hub emerges as a shining star among other testing lab companies which presents the great variation in different kinds of methods which are capable to check the mobile application technically and manually. When it comes to testing of ecommerce website then there are three main aspects which are to be monitored. First we go for the usability testing, which ensures that website is user friendly and it is offering smooth navigation through the website. Performance testing is second in the row as we have given second priority to this one. Until website is not perfect performance wise, there is no chance that it is going to do good job. Website should be in condition to handle very high load with different operating systems. Security is also one of the concerns for webmasters. Data being given to the website should be handled carefully else it can be misused. We cover all possible type of testing to ensure that e Commerce website works fine without any error.

    Next we provide Localization testing that ensures the performance of application which is very helpful to detect the location for the user. This is something that is advance level of the testing because this is not the basic one. In localization testing, mainly usability and linguistic problems are being checked. We have specialized team that takes care particularly for this type of quality assurance services. . You would have heard about the Google translator because most of mobile app and websites make use of this tool for translation. This tool never gives grammatically correct text though this one is considered as the most used tool. Considering such a scenario, localization testing has started where translation is done manually rather than any tool. Different languages have different types of orientation so tool can’t be correct in all cases. One should opt for this type of testing when you are losing users in particular language or geographical area. Only few companies work for this mode of testing and we are one of them. We have experts for web, mobile and all types of software products. Our reporting system is perfect and easy to understand for a layman. Our lab and quality work force are our strength. We have huge list of satisfied and reputed clients. We are open to work with any bug reporting system that client chooses.

We have always emphasized on the quality of working professionals. With regular workshops, we update our testing professionals and techniques. Hence, customers have a great faith over Testes HUB to test their mobile applications.


Steps for Android App Testing

Mobile application testing is little complicated because of frequent updates. Adopt strategy that we have mentioned over here and enjoy the best result.

Device Selection:

  1. This is considered as one of the most important step.
  2. Selection of devices should be done after discussion with client, developer and tester.
  3. While selecting device, this thing should be considered that maximum audience is likely to be reached.
  4. Be careful for operating system’s version, screen resolution and form of device.
  5. Emulators are often used to replace real device in software testing.

Beta testing of application:

  1. Beta testing is done by the real world users with various types of devices and connections.
  2. After beta testing, we come to know about network density, network variations and various types of impact on application.
  3. Beta testing is real world testing and it is not controlled testing like emulator.

Manual or Automation Testing:

  1. It has been seen that mix of manual and automation testing need to be tried for successful completion of testing.
  2. Stress testing and regression testing to be done very carefully.

We have elaborated some common types of mobile application testing. For more information, you can contact us or read our blogs about software quality analysis.   


Understand Security Testing, Field Testing and Interrupt Testing

From mobile applications to widespread web based applications, there are numerous types of software testing and three of them, we are going to discuss over here:

Security Testing: without proper security testing, no application can be successful. Privacy of user should be considered on high priority. In some sectors like Banking, security is considered as the most prior option. In security, encryption and decryption of date send through server is the most important aspect. Database security should be also done carefully.

Field testing: this is especially done for mobile data network. Here tester users application as a normal user and check how app behaves. App is run under various conditions namely 2G, 3G or 4G. It has been seen that app behaves different in different conditions. Check if app crashes in slow or fast connection.

Interrupt testing: this is considered as scenario where function interrupts in between. Some common test cases where things are to be tested are as below:

  • Data cable removed during data transfer
  • Network issue during transaction
  • Check how system behaves when battery is removed while transaction is ON.

We have explained some common types of software testing that are commonly used for the mobile applications. For more information, you can check with other blogs of software testing.


Make Sure Mobile App Testing Done Properly

When we consider these two types of software testing then a lot is clear from name only. Performance will be okay when conditions are in favor while things change when extra traffic comes or any other hurdle on the way. How application responds under different conditions? Test cases can be made considering:

  1. How device performs when there is low memory?
  2. Performance when battery will be low.
  3. How app performs when network is not up to mark?

There can be numerous test cases where mobile application can be tested. It all depends on thought process and creativity of the software testing professional who is going to work.

Now let us discuss about installation testing. There are two categories of applications of mobile, one is that comes with pre installed operating system while second one is little different and it is installed later on. Installation testing is carried out by both of them separately. Eventually, process is to ensure application works smooth without any error. You would be also aware that application upgrade is also done time to time so this thing should be also considered carefully.

Overall software testing is a complicated process and even after careful consideration of various aspects, it can’t be assured that things are on the right track. Mobile application testing goes further complicated because of various upgrades and versions.


2 Important Types of Mobile Application Testing

These are again two very crucial types of software testing and we are going to discuss the same over here. Interface testing is also called integration testing sometime. This type of testing is done when developer completes all its part of work. Primary testing is also done before beginning of network interface testing.

Interface testing is considered as end to end for of testing where application interacts with other similar apps like maps, social apps, camera, scanner etc. If again consider Zomato app for integration testing then some test cases would be as below:

  • Verify whether table booking can be done through app or not?
  • Check how app is displaying menu and food items online?
  • Check whether discounts coupons working properly?
  • Correct location of restaurant is displaying or not?
  • Phone dialer system works properly or not?

Now we will come to network testing part. Here you have to be careful about following things:

  • Application should handle all intermediate service properly.
  • Request and response system should work properly.
  • Different types of mobile network are being used to test app’s behavior.
  • This is also considered as an in-house testing.

Know Fine Aspects of Android App Testing

Nowadays there are hundreds of mobile applications globally and numerous operating systems too. When we consider mobile app testing then it can be of two forms operating system versus mobile application or device model versus mobile application. Owner is informed about all operating systems that support any particular mobile application. It has been seen that some applications do not work for some operating system and this is the case where failure occurs.

In compare to web, mobile has far more variants and this is the prime reason why compatibility testing is done carefully for the mobile devices. Requirement for this type of testing is as below:

  • When we consider any version of Android operating system, 7 base versions are found neglecting number of patches.
  • If we check through variation among Android device then its number is very high. There are more than 24,000 variations of unique Android devices all across the globe.
  • If such a huge variation can be seen then one needs to be careful while doing compatibility testing.
  • There are some other associated aspects that need to be verified along with compatibility namely screen size, screen resolution, network connectivity etc.

Testers need to be very careful about versions of operating systems as well as mobile applications.


What is Android User Interface Testing?

This is also quite clear from the name, what it is and how it is going to be? This is user centric test procedure so this thing needs to be understood quite clearly. Text, image and video appearances in different screen need to be understood clearly. Different aspects that are related with user interface should be examined as per requirements. Again we will consider the same example of Zomato application. Here is the checklist for Android UI testing:

  • You have to check if card is shown properly with the mobile screen size.
  • Image of restaurant should not be distorted at all.
  • There are various components that are to be checked namely details of card, rating of restaurant, types of cuisines, address and location in the Google map and numerous other aspects.
  • There should be proper navigation inside website, if any problem comes in navigation then it will be considered as an user interface problem.

These were some aspects that are concerned with the user interface testing of any mobile application. Over years, we have checked things for Android applications and we assure you that user interface is possibly the most important part of complete Android app testing. For more information about various types of mobile application testing, you can check our website and blogs.


What is Functional Testing for Mobile Application?

When we hear about functional testing then plenty of things get clear only from name. If there is any fault in the functionality of any application then it wouldn’t work properly and this will become total failure. In this blog, we will discuss some of the very fine aspects that are related with functional testing.

Testing of this type is primarily checked through user interface. It is not all about flow of use but functionality associated in each step is also checked. It is all about application meeting set of requirements that are being brought by client. We will consider an application named Zomato to understand the whole process.

Zomato application is used to order food from nearby restaurants. Now your testing is supposed to begin. Some test cases where Zomato apps can be tested:

  1. Check if all restaurants show up in search result.
  2. Whether restaurants list come as per distance from your location.
  3. Review system is very crucial when we consider application functionality.
  4. Check how smooth is addition of new restaurant in the list.
  5. There are numerous filtering rules of zomato so check whether they are followed or not.