When it comes to the service point, mobile application performance check up gets mandatory for the company as well as users too. It should be very well versed and checked by technically advanced tools and equipments. Just to make sure of your mobile app, testing has become a mandatory parameter for its success. So, we can’t rely on any routine testing labs or other sources. Hence, Testers Hub emerges as a shining star among other testing lab companies which presents the great variation in different kinds of methods which are capable to check the mobile application technically and manually. When it comes to testing of ecommerce website then there are three main aspects which are to be monitored. First we go for the usability testing, which ensures that website is user friendly and it is offering smooth navigation through the website. Performance testing is second in the row as we have given second priority to this one. Until website is not perfect performance wise, there is no chance that it is going to do good job. Website should be in condition to handle very high load with different operating systems. Security is also one of the concerns for webmasters. Data being given to the website should be handled carefully else it can be misused. We cover all possible type of testing to ensure that e Commerce website works fine without any error.

    Next we provide Localization testing that ensures the performance of application which is very helpful to detect the location for the user. This is something that is advance level of the testing because this is not the basic one. In localization testing, mainly usability and linguistic problems are being checked. We have specialized team that takes care particularly for this type of quality assurance services. . You would have heard about the Google translator because most of mobile app and websites make use of this tool for translation. This tool never gives grammatically correct text though this one is considered as the most used tool. Considering such a scenario, localization testing has started where translation is done manually rather than any tool. Different languages have different types of orientation so tool can’t be correct in all cases. One should opt for this type of testing when you are losing users in particular language or geographical area. Only few companies work for this mode of testing and we are one of them. We have experts for web, mobile and all types of software products. Our reporting system is perfect and easy to understand for a layman. Our lab and quality work force are our strength. We have huge list of satisfied and reputed clients. We are open to work with any bug reporting system that client chooses.

We have always emphasized on the quality of working professionals. With regular workshops, we update our testing professionals and techniques. Hence, customers have a great faith over Testes HUB to test their mobile applications.

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